Saturday April 26, 2014

I wrote another chapter at Camp NaNoWriMo today and my word count is now 72,702. I have one, maybe two chapters, left, so I’ll definitely have the first draft done before Camp NaNoWriMo ends! I pieced both of my remaining graduation quilt tops. Now I need to figure out what flannels I want for the backs, cut them, wash them, and sew them. Then pin the quilts, quilt them, square them, and bind them. While all that could happen in the next two days, I don’t think it is going to. I’m definitely tired after all I did over break, and I don’t need to have the quilts finished for a month, so next weekend will be soon enough. I had time to finish my current jigsaw puzzle and I even read a bit as well. Definitely calling it quits for tonight.

two quilt tops
as well as
my puzzle
clouds roll in