Monday April 28, 2014

I finished the first draft of my novel this morning, with 78,494 words, and my winner certificate from CampNaNoWriMo is hanging proudly on the wall next to my computer. It feels really good. I even printed the novel out. I’ll put it in a binder and then read it sometime soon. After that I met with a landscape architect, the father of one of my students, and he has given me some good, simple, and hopefully relatively inexpensive ideas for the removal of my ponds and putting in something new. After he left I did a number of small tasks, including putting appliqués on two pairs of regular jeans. Our temperatures are supposed to climb into the 80’s by Thursday and somehow that doesn’t sound like weather for flannel-lined jeans. I put an appliqué on each leg, for a total of 4, and I didn’t sew any of the legs together, which was a real plus in my book. I worked on my puzzle and started a new review novel, so it has been a lovely day.

a completed
first draft of my novel
78,494 words
many thanks

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