Wednesday April 30, 2014

I’m trying to stay focused on what is working rather than what isn’t. When I got up this morning, I still hadn’t heard from either the garage door guy or the possible pond guy, and that was discouraging as both items are urgent. But when I came home from Student Link I had a message from the garage door guy and he will be out. I’m thinking now, that it will probably be tomorrow, but still, he is on the job. I never did hear anything from the possible pond guy so I now have a call into someone else. I’m supposed to hear back today about a possible time frame for draining my ponds and relocating my fish to their new home. If I can’t get someone soon, I may have to try to draft my three high school students, the boys that I tutor privately. But I’m hoping that won’t be needed. The ponds get worse each day and it is really stressing me out. Today had a high of 81 and tomorrow is to be a bit warmer at 84. Thankfully by Saturday it will be back to a more normal 50’s and rain, but that isn’t helping at the moment with the algae bloom. Anyway, tutoring at Student Link went well and tomorrow is likely to be really busy as four students have signed up to work with me. I taught my bridge class today and now don’t have to teach it again until June. The Senior Center, where we meet, is getting a new kitchen and that will mean that the center is closed for the last three weeks in May. So it was decided that next week we would have our monthly game as that was the only opportunity. I will enjoy the break. And I cut and washed flannel for the backs of my last two graduation quilts, moving forward with that project. My day has finished with the tutoring of two students.

ponds yet
to be drained
a broken garage door
a sunny summery day
new growth everywhere

4 thoughts on “Wednesday April 30, 2014

  1. Thanks, Libby, and the news today is that things should be busy tomorrow but that things are moving in the right direction. I am trying to stay relaxed, but patience has never been one of my virtues and I just hate seeing the ponds go downhill so fast. We’ve had really hot weather (for us–mid-80’s) and that hasn’t helped.

  2. You and I seem to be enduring frustrations, but mine issues should start seeing major resolution tomorrow. Hope yours do too, and I love bunnies also!!

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