Friday May 2, 2014

Today has been an incredibly long day, but lots of good stuff has happened. My therapy appointment was an hour earlier, so I was glad that Thackeray is a good alarm clock. Afterwards, I wrote the review for the book I finished yesterday. Then Paco and two of his guys came over to drain my ponds and catch the fish. I was amazed at how many fish I had and how big some of them had grown in six years. We must have caught twenty or maybe even thirty fish between the two ponds. My student’s dad came over to get them and now they are happily swimming in a much bigger pond. I caught four fish, but Paco caught a ton just with his hands. And then my Friday student said she really didn’t have anything she needed help with and catching fish was a lot more fun than math. She caught nearly as many as Paco. We had one casualty, but otherwise, they were all safely relocated. Paco didn’t have time to pull up the liners so I’m asking my students if anyone wants to work on Sunday and do that, but at least the ponds are all drained. I am finding that I’m already worrying a lot less, even though right now things look pretty ragged. Just as we finished with the ponds, Dr. Nell arrived for a vet visit and that went well. She did take blood from Poosa as a check to see if there is any reason why Poosa was eating rocks, but Poosa hasn’t done that, at least that I’m aware of, since I increased the amount of food she is getting a couple weeks ago. And if that weren’t enough for a day, just as the vet visit was ending, the garage door repairman arrived and he is still here, but hopefully by the time my day finally ends, I will have a fixed door to go along with drained ponds and happily relocated fish. I am definitely ready for the weekend!

two ponds drained
the fish relocated
a student says
catching fish is
better than math