Saturday May 3, 2014

Thackeray had us all up again at 6AM. I guess it’s okay at this time of the year. I began revising the novel I wrote last month and so far, so good. Then Dr. Nell called with Poosa’s blood results and she is anemic. That apparently is why she was eating rocks. Anyway, I now have an iron tonic to give her and she will have an ultrasound next Tuesday (Thackeray better keep getting us up early as I have to have her at the vet’s by 7:15AM). She and I had to go over to Fair Isle this afternoon to get her belly shaved so she would be ready on Tuesday. I sewed the backs for the remaining two graduation quilts and I also pinned them. With any luck, and barring anymore worries, I plan to quilt and square them tomorrow and bind them on Monday. I also finished the jigsaw puzzle I have been working on, and read about half of my next review book. And I even managed to get a short nap. It is now pouring rain and I hope my ponds are not filling back up. The liners were cut, so hopefully whatever rains in will drain away.

to the worries
an anemic dog
an ultrasound scheduled
for Tuesday