Monday May 5, 2014

Normally my Mondays are spent quietly at home, and they are the last part of my weekend. But today that was not the case. I had to take the dogs to the groomers and run a quick errand. Then I was home for a bit before heading out to my therapy appointment. I was back again for a bit longer and then I was out to pick the dogs up. I know what a yo-yo feels like. I did manage to finish the last of the graduation quilts this morning before all the out and back stuff started, and that feels really good. And it is still over a month to graduation. I also revised four more chapters of my novel and I am liking it. The rest of my day was spent working on my jigsaw puzzle. Tomorrow will be a very early start for us as Poosa has to be at Fair Isle at 7:15AM for her ultrasound. I will wait with her, and hopefully we will both be back with enough time to feed everyone before I have to be at Student Link. I have sent Nan an e-mail letting her know that I might be delayed.

a Monday spent
running hither
and yon
back and forth
glad to be home