Thursday May 8, 2014

It has been a busy day and a very wet one. Today was the day scheduled to have my blue roofs cleaned, windows cleaned inside and out, and decks washed and I really felt sorry for the guys doing it in such horrible weather, but it all looks beautiful and I am glad to have my roofs blue again. We had a really bad season for pollen this year and I could barely see out of my skylights. So happy to have that all done. I tutored at Student Link by appointment and it went really well and the student was just as happy as could be about how much easier it was to understand his math when I explained it. Then I picked up my buyer’s club order at Minglement, loading it in the rain. After that, and listening to the dogs bark every time the cleaning guys walked through the yard, I decided to spend the afternoon working on a new puzzle. It is coming along nicely. I only had one student this afternoon as my other regular Tu/Th student has finished his math so won’t need any more tutoring. I’m glad for the easier load, but I will miss him.

my tutoring
load lightens
as one senior finishes
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