Saturday May 10, 2014

I revised more chapters in my latest novel and that seems to be going well. A friend who has a large pond that is now the new home for my fish came by today to get a bunch of cinder blocks (they go in the pond to provide safe hiding places for the fish so they don’t get eaten by raccoons and heron), the last of the plants and some decorative items and that is the last of the usable pond stuff. He also took the tub that I’d tried to make into a frog sanctuary. I suspect it really wasn’t big enough for them. I had a sack of eggs last year that I was given and they did grow into frogs, but they never came back this year. The tub had just turned very smelly and was breeding mosquitos. My friend was thrilled to have it as it will make a wonderful tub for bathing his dog. I’m glad that everything has found such a good home. The project should be completed, I hope, on May 21st when the holes are filled in and then bark is put over the dirt. I have begun a new puzzle which I think is going to take me awhile. It is quite challenging. I also read and took a brief nap. It has been a lovely quiet day for which I am grateful.

revising my novel
helping a friend
take my pond supplies
the cat watches
two crows in the fir