Tuesday May 13, 2014

I talked with my publisher first thing this morning and set up what I want for my next novel. I still need to finish inputting my revisions from the hard copy into the word document, but once I’ve done that I can upload it to my editor. It feels very good to be moving forward with this. I volunteered at Student Link and one of my students and I had a great time with trig identities. I’d told her that they were a lot like geometric proofs, which she had loved, and she discovered that I was right. I had my therapy appointment and then tutored my Latin student. I also had a bit of time to work on my puzzle. Our weather has turned very warm and is to be warmer still for the next two days, into the mid-80’s. Thankfully it will be back in the 60’s on Friday with rain for the weekend.

with my publisher
a student loves
trig identities
and geometric proofs