Wednesday May 14, 2014

While we are having a heat wave, it is nothing like what it is in other places, thank heavens. Tomorrow is to be the warmest, in the mid-80’s and then by Friday it will be getting cooler, with rain by Saturday. The students are finding it hard to concentrate and I can’t say that I blame them. I volunteered at Student Link this morning and didn’t have time to mark all the papers, so I’ll be finishing them up while I watch TV tonight. I should have three students to work with tomorrow, and then my week will be done. I didn’t have my bridge class to teach as the Senior Center is closed for the month of May for a kitchen remodel. I have to admit I’m enjoying the break. I filled out all my publisher’s questionnaires today and got my manuscript uploaded to the editor. That feels really good. I’m already plotting my next novel as July 1 isn’t that far away. I had two students to tutor this afternoon and I also got to work on my puzzle.

my novel
heads to the editor
starting to plot
another for July
Camp NaNoWriMo

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