Thursday May 15, 2014

My day has been busy and lots has gotten done. I made myself another pair of sleep shorts, this pair with puffin fabric which I am particularly fond of at the moment. I tutored at Student Link and then also had a bit of time to work on my puzzle before my first afternoon student arrived. We had a nice time doing math. Then when my second student arrived to do Latin, I commented that I was sorry I hadn’t been able to get either him or his brother to help me pull up the pond liners. Turns out that his brother had forgotten to ask him. I was particularly eager to have this happen, even though the holes will be filled with dirt and bark next Wednesday because Poosa has discovered that she can jump down into the ponds (and thankfully jump back up) and she was reveling in walking through and probably eating the several inches of pond muck. I don’t know if last night was her first adventure, but I really didn’t want a repeat performance. My student was eager to work as he needs money for a date tomorrow evening, so instead of translating Caesar, we moved cement feet, cut pond liner, and folded the liner into bundles with the pond muck hidden. We had enough time to spare that my student was able to take two wheelbarrow loads of feet out to the curb with hopes that someone will want them. If they don’t disappear, then next Wednesday Paco and his crew can take them away. I’m now very tired and dirty, but I feel a lot better having the pond muck hidden away. I really can’t wait until next Wednesday!!

the dog explores
pond muck
coaxing her out
with the promise
of a treat