Sunday May 18, 2014

I truly overdid with the cleaning up of the ponds. I was up at 6AM today and I spent two hours finishing the front pond so now both ponds are clean and ready to be filled with dirt and I have a gigantic pile of liners and pond muck ready for the dump. I’m not sure there is anywhere on my body that doesn’t hurt. But for the first time since the ponds started to go bad a month or more ago, the view out my windows isn’t horrible. And for that I am most grateful. I have done very little today, and that has been done very slowly. I finished one jigsaw puzzle, read a book, and started another jigsaw puzzle. I’ll wait until tomorrow to write the review for the book. I’m ready for the sauna and hot tub. The student who helped me on Thursday and was going to come back today, said that while he was willing, his body sure wasn’t. Not to bad to have kept going longer than a seventeen-year-old.

once there were ponds
now there are holes
soon to be filled
with dirt and bark
a chickadee flits past