Thursday May 22, 2014

This day has definitely had too much in it, but it has ended well.  I woke up to find an e-mail from a friend in reply to my posting asking for someone to help me turn on my sprinkler system.  I immediately called the guy she recommended and he said he could stop by today.  I went into Student Link and helped students and then got home to find the sprinkler guy here.  I like his energy and he was able to check everything out.  He had to make some adjustments and things weren’t shut off exactly right, but he tested it all and now, hopefully, it will all work automatically tomorrow morning.  It took him two hours to sort everything and I was outside helping, letting him know when various sprinklers came on and off, which meant I was standing for a lot longer than I should have.  We did find a darling salamander in one of the control boxes, just as happy as he could be, and that made me very happy.  Then just as he left, the first of my students arrived, and I had back-to-back students for three hours.  I had to eat lunch while I tutored and it has made for a very tiring day, but I do feel good that I now have a sprinkler guy who is both nice and knowledgeable.  That was the last of my worries after I lost the yard and pond service I’ve had for seven years.  It has meant a lot of changes and adjustments, but overall, I think I will be much happier having people in my life with gentle energies who don’t yell and scream.  But I’m absolutely exhausted and my left hip is really bad (no surprise after all I’ve been doing).  I see my osteopath tomorrow and I sure hope she’ll be able to help.

the day
moves forward
from one activity
to another