Tuesday May 27, 2014

I volunteered at Student Link and I only have two more days left this year!  I came home to find Paco and his guys finishing with the bark after they’d put down ground cloth over the dirt.  It all looks so wonderful now and I won’t have any more muddy paw prints!!  Paco does a really first rate job, the best that I have ever had and he will be back on the 10th of June to weed and then add bark to areas which have never had enough, so I shouldn’t be seeing ground cloth all the time.  I can’t wait.  Meanwhile, my student moved one of my dragons into the new bed in the front.  I’ll be having more rocks and garden art put into both beds on the 10th by Paco’s guys, but I couldn’t wait for this.  I went to my therapy appointment and then tutored two students.  I had a few minutes hither and yon to work on my puzzle.  And I am so enjoying my new bag that Josie and Kelly gave me.  I am taking it everywhere.

ground cloth
and bark
covering the dirt
an end to
muddy paws