Sunday June 8, 2014

My sprinkler system is working once again!  My plants are very happy about that.  Meanwhile, I moved one of my birdbaths so that it will be easier to clean and fill.  Then I gave two pieces of yard art, a couple of mermaids, to a friend who was very glad to get them.  I’m glad they will have a nice home.  They were both gifts from someone whom I have had to break off contact with for the sake of my health and they were too painful a reminder of what I’ve lost.  Time to move on, and after two months, things have fairly well settled down.  My yard really needs weeding badly, but Paco and his guys will take care of that on Tuesday.  I have to realize that as hard as it has all been, I now have better help than I ever did and it costs less, so that is a real win-win.  I worked on my puzzle–The Velveteen Rabbit–and I have all the rabbits done now as well as the fairy whom I put together yesterday, and I only have the sky and the fairy’s wings to go.  I also finished a review novel and wrote the review for it.  Time to call it a day.  At least I don’t have to be up and dressed early tomorrow, although I’m already thinking about Tuesday when Paco and crew will be arriving at 7:30AM!

birdbaths and
yard art
giving mermaids
to a friend