Monday June 9, 2014

I had a busy day with both hot tub service (drain and fill) and sprinkler service (new heads for better coverage).  Both had the dogs barking frequently.  I now have a new fountain by the front door which sounds even better than my ponds did and it holds a lot of water.  I saw a hummingbird drinking from it several times this morning, so that made me feel really good.  I always enjoyed watching them drinking from my fountains in the ponds, so now I have an acceptable substitute, at least as far as this morning’s visitor is concerned.  I’ve ordered another fountain to put in the back yard and then the birds will be all set (and anyone else who wants a drink!).  I worked more on my puzzle and got the fairy’s wings assembled, so all I have left is the sky.  I also began designing the bed quilt I hope to make this summer.  I am going to try making a scene with mountains, trees, bears, and other animals.  We’ll see how it goes.

setting up
a new fountain
by the front door
a robin races
across the lawn