Thursday June 12, 2014

It has been a busy day.  I went to see my doctor early this morning since it has been so long since I’ve had my thyroid tested and I needed her opinion on my left hip.  I had enough sense not to eat before I went so that I could get a full blood test, cholesterol and all, which I haven’t had for several years.  And she confirmed that my hip is arthritic, that it will only get worse, that I’m doing all that I can, and when it gets bad enough, I’ll need a hip replacement, which she says I will love.  So I’m good for awhile longer and I’ll get my blood results next week.  Then I dropped all the graduation quilts off at Student Link because today is graduation day.  I didn’t have any students to tutor, so I took advantage of the quiet to get a nice nap before I headed over to graduation.  It was a beautiful ceremony and the students seemed to really like their quilts.  And so another school year closes.

stepping forth
hurdles and challenges
met and conquered
with great courage
graduation day

photo 3