Friday June 13, 2014

This week has really been exhausting!  Of course the long day on Tuesday didn’t help, but my yard looks so lovely now that it really was worth it!  Paco and his guys came back briefly today and weed-whacked the trail through my deer sanctuary as they hadn’t had time to get to it on Tuesday.  I was very glad because the trail was nearly lost with all the spring growth.  I went to my therapy appointment this morning and then worked on my puzzle until it was time for the last tutoring session of the school year.  After that Dr. Nell came for our vet visit and we discovered that poor Chauncey is having a major allergy flare-up, the worst he’s had in three or four years.  Dr. Nell shaved his chest and then took cultures.  We should get some information tomorrow although full results won’t be available until next week.  He probably will have to have antibiotics, but we want to be sure we get the right one.  And he may need a new allergy food, but on a positive note, he could be switched to the one that Poosa and Oliver are on and then I’d only have to worry about one kind of food.  Anyway, I’m calling it a day.  I am hoping to start editing my manuscript tomorrow if I am perkier. 

the week ends
with a final
the old dog has
an allergy flare-up