Monday June 16, 2014

I spent much of the day on my novel revisions and I’m about 3/4ths of the way through.  I might finish them tomorrow and then spend the next few days after that checking them again.  I finished reading the novel I started yesterday and I really enjoyed it.  I’ll write its review tomorrow.  And I finished my puzzle and to my dismay, I was missing two pieces.  I honestly don’t know if the cats managed to flip them onto the floor in spite of my care or if the puzzle was defective from the get-go.  Both pieces are quite large, so I’m leaning toward a defective puzzle.  It is the first time, in all the puzzles that I’ve worked, where I have missing pieces, but I guess it was bound to happen.  It was a fun puzzle anyway.

more revisions
then relaxing
with a puzzle
and a novel
finishing both