Tuesday June 17, 2014

I finished going through my entire manuscript for revisions.  Tomorrow I plan to add a section at the end with summaries of my other novels and quotes from the two great reviews I’ve received.  I also want to get a better copy of my map to include.  I’ll then take another read through all the additions I’ve made and then tomorrow or Thursday I hope to sent it back to the publisher.  I went to a therapy appointment and also wrote a review for the novel I finished yesterday.  My summer student stopped by to translate a little Latin on his way to the beach to meet up with friends.  Today was the end of school and there is a ritual among many to head to one of our local beaches and burn homework.  I was impressed that my student didn’t want to miss out on his Latin so he got to the beach late.

a student stops by
for some Latin
before heading
to the beach
school’s out