Wednesday July 2, 2014

I had a choice this morning, when I got up at 5:45AM.  I could either write or I could feed my fur friends and have my sauna, hot tub, and shower before my sprinkler guy arrived at 8AM.  I opted for the writing!  That was much more important to me, and I don’t mind getting a late shower and breakfast (he was done by 10:15AM).  I now have 5786 words and two chapters completed, and so far I’m feeling really good about it.  I fed my fur friends, did household chores, and read more ancient history, making up questions for my student as I went, until the sprinklers were done.  Then I could do my normal routine, and I finally had my breakfast at 11:30.  That meant I waited for lunch until after I taught my bridge class, but it all has worked out.  I was tired when I got home after teaching so I just spent a quiet afternoon working on my puzzle.  I’m not sure if I will get any quilting done while I’m writing, but then once July is over, I can return to quilting in earnest.  Our temperatures were much more reasonable today, 80 instead of 93.  It is still warmer than I like, but it is to be mid-70’s tomorrow, I think.  I really like the 60’s personally, but I think I’ll have to wait to see them again.

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writing another chapter
my fur friends
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One thought on “Wednesday July 2, 2014

  1. Continues success with all those words. Weather can be fickle. We had a brief thunderstorm that really didn’t ease our humidity.
    Enjoy your 4th!
    I’ve got a full weekend, first the 4th on Friday at the In-laws, and then a birthday party for our grand-daughter on Sunday!

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