Sunday July 6, 2014

I checked my e-mail before heading off to Camp NaNoWriMo early this morning and I found a very upsetting e-mail.  Instead of allowing myself to be triggered yet again, I practiced the good self-care I’ve learned and this included heading off to Camp!  I was soon in the swing of things and I think today’s chapter was one of my strongest so far.  My word total is now 20,764 words, which I think is pretty darned good for six days of writing.  I just love NaNoWriMo and I feel so alive when I’m in the zone!  I headed out later on to help a friend with the final hook-ups of her cable TV and internet.  This time she had a good service tech who confirmed that the cable had been disconnected from the pole!  Once everything was hooked up, he followed through with the activation and now my friend is all set up and I suspect feels much more moved in.  The temperatures are in the mid-80’s and it isn’t going to get terribly cool tonight, so I put on the air-conditioner.  I may be a bit of a wimp, but the thought of listening to all three dogs panting didn’t thrill me and it certainly wouldn’t be conducive to sleep.

the day starts
with an upsetting e-mail
practicing good self-care
heading to Camp NaNoWriMo
word total climbs to 20,764