Sunday July 6, 2014

I checked my e-mail before heading off to Camp NaNoWriMo early this morning and I found a very upsetting e-mail.  Instead of allowing myself to be triggered yet again, I practiced the good self-care I’ve learned and this included heading off to Camp!  I was soon in the swing of things and I think today’s chapter was one of my strongest so far.  My word total is now 20,764 words, which I think is pretty darned good for six days of writing.  I just love NaNoWriMo and I feel so alive when I’m in the zone!  I headed out later on to help a friend with the final hook-ups of her cable TV and internet.  This time she had a good service tech who confirmed that the cable had been disconnected from the pole!  Once everything was hooked up, he followed through with the activation and now my friend is all set up and I suspect feels much more moved in.  The temperatures are in the mid-80’s and it isn’t going to get terribly cool tonight, so I put on the air-conditioner.  I may be a bit of a wimp, but the thought of listening to all three dogs panting didn’t thrill me and it certainly wouldn’t be conducive to sleep.

the day starts
with an upsetting e-mail
practicing good self-care
heading to Camp NaNoWriMo
word total climbs to 20,764

2 thoughts on “Sunday July 6, 2014

  1. Keep positive and know that some folks often speak before thinking. I wonder if e-mails have caller ID like phones. Maybe you could just register that ‘from’ as spam and not open it?

    I know a person who doesn’t seem to have a ‘Tact’ filter – Then when they do say something upsetting they don’t even realize it and then don’t bother to remember that they might have hurt someone. Very frustrating. And I am supposed to just ignore them and to a point and let them be who they are so as not to ‘rock the boat’.

    Continued success with Writing Camp! As for ‘Air’ we’ve had to have it on as soon as it got hot because we more or less use it as a filter for all the allergens. Last year I kept it at 78 – but I can’t seem to do that this year. I’ve been able to keep it at 76 and 74.

  2. Thanks so much, Jules, for understanding. I know you’ve had similar stuff to deal with. I am trying to put it behind me and stay positive. If I keep getting similar e-mails I will see about blocking the sender. Meanwhile, thanks for the good wishes. I love Camp NaNoWriMo! And you have real heat to deal with. We tend to be very spoiled in the Pacific Northwest and most folks don’t even have AC. I do only because I opted for a heat pump for my furnace. Stay cool and away from the allergens!!

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