Thursday July 10, 2014

I wrote for longer than usual this morning at Camp NaNoWriMo, which had me running a bit behind, but I was able to ask my friend who cleans for me to come an hour later.  That worked fine for her, so I was ready by the time she came.  Meanwhile, my word count is 36,858 words!  I picked up my buyer’s club order from Minglement, and so my freezers are now all stocked up with edamame and vegan Boca nuggets, so I’m good for another eight weeks or so.  After that I put away the Robin Hood puzzle I finished yesterday and started one with unicorns called the Magical Unicorn Forest.  It is my first 1500 piece puzzle and I have the border completed.  I also finished a great fantasy novel and wrote its review.  Time to call it a day.  Today didn’t get as hot as it could have but we’re now heading into the 90’s for the next week and we are under a heat wave warning beginning on Saturday.  I don’t like the heat at all, but I do realize that I’m lucky to have a heat pump which serves as an air-conditioner as well as a furnace, doing it all in an environmentally friendly way.  Many if not most folks in the Pacific Northwest don’t have air-conditioning since we usually don’t need it, but I suspect global warming is changing that.

a cloudy morning
slows the arrival
of a heat wave
today eighty
tomorrow ninety