Friday July 11, 2014

The day started out well with a good session at Camp NaNoWriMo where my word total is now 40,314 words.  And I had a nice session with my counselor.  After that, things got bad.  Poosa had to go to the vet’s for x-rays and blood and it turns out that once again she is full of gravel.  We have no idea why she is eating it, but it seems it is either a flare up of her IBS or else lymphoma and she is going to need another ultrasound soon.  Meanwhile she is on two different meds and I also have to give her psyllium.  Lots of fun in store.  If that weren’t enough, my computer has died.  My son and I are texting to try different things but so far nothing.  I’m glad i have my iPad and I suspect I’ll be writing my words on it tomorrow.  I’ve just purchased word for the iPad and hopefully that will work.  And it is hot as well, so lots of fun here.

the day begins
on a good note
with CampNaNoWriMo
a sick dog and a dead computer

4 thoughts on “Friday July 11, 2014

  1. When it rains it pours. Good things 1) a tree doesn’t have to be removed, 2) the turtles I am babysitting might have a new home, not so good 1) I was recruited to watch pets while friends were away – 2) the garaged door will be replaced (and maybe our front door… eventually). There is always some sort of balance at play. Best with the fur friends and computer.

  2. Thanks, Lydia. I am so very grateful for my iPad. Not sure what will happen with the computer. It may be very dead, but I have a laptop coming on Monday. And on Monday I will ask a computer guy on the island about it and otherwise, I have a friend who will take it to the Apple store off island in Tacoma. I was just happy to be able to keep writing, although now my novel is in two places on two different cloud storage sites. Hopefully it will all get re-united on Monday. 🙂

  3. Thanks, Jules, and yes, there is always some sort of balance. And I am just very grateful for my iPad at the moment. Good luck with all your things as well and keep the balance!

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