Tuesday July 15, 2014

I had a very early start to my day when my hot tub tech called to say that he’d made an earlier ferry.  I put my writing on hold and raced through the shower and dressed.  Drew got here at 8AM.  Then Paco and his guys were here by 8:30 and they have now finished all the yard clean-up and everything looks so nice.  Paco was even willing to take some of my pots which I didn’t want over to a friend’s as she really liked them.  They were a nice housewarming present for her in her new home.  I was able to finish my words and my total is now 56,594 words.  Then I spent time with my new laptop trying to get it all set up.  I do like it a lot.  I was discouraged that all the quicken files I’d saved as backups wouldn’t install, so I had to download everything again from my bank and now I’m entering all the notes.  It’s going to take awhile.  On the other hand, the guy who is working on my dead computer told me this morning that he has hopes for fixing it, and at the very least he should be able to recover my data from my hard drive.  I felt better after he said that and I certainly hope it proves to be the case.  I tutored my summer Latin student today and it was fun to read another story in Latin and discuss ancient history.  I’m just exhausted after all the various crises, and I need my sauna and hot tub.  I think I have another early morning tomorrow with my sprinkler guy who is going to make some modifications to my system in a few places where he can improve the design without a lot of problems.  He told me several weeks ago that he’d be back on the 16th and I’ve called to ask him to confirm that as I certainly don’t want to be up and dressed at 8 without a reason.

the yard clean-up
finished at last
all spruced up
a productive time
at CampNaNoWriMo