Saturday July 17, 2014

Today’s chapter at CampNaNoWriMo turned out to be my penultimate chapter.  I’ll finish the first draft of this novel tomorrow.  It feels good.  My current word count is 73,803 words, which makes this my longest novel to date.  After writing my chapter, I did some household chores, including picking up mounds of dog poop.  It has been so hot lately and so many things have happened that I haven’t felt like doing that chore.  But the weather has turned much cooler, and so I got caught up on that chore.  I also read another review novel and wrote its review, and I put a few more pieces into my puzzle.  It has been a very nice, quiet day.

at CampNaNoWriMo
the penultimate chapter
for my next novel
the wind blows debris
onto the deck