Wednesday July 23, 2014

I am finally getting my sprinkler system changed in a few spots where the original design was faulty.  I feel badly for the guy doing it, as it has been pouring rain much of the day, but he doesn’t seem phased by it.  I’d hoped it would all get done in one day, but that wasn’t too be, so things are a mess at the moment, but it will be so nice when it is done, hopefully tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I have had a lot of time to work on my puzzle and it is really taking shape now.  I also taught my bridge class and after that my sister, Jan, and her friend, Lama Lena, arrived for a brief visit.  It has gotten to be an annual event, as they are in the Pacific Northwest so Lama Lena can teach classes.  We had a lovely time catching up and even got a bite to eat before they had to head out for the airport.

the yard
torn apart for
sprinkler repairs
a lovely visit
with my sister and friend