Friday July 25, 2014

My yard is back to its usual self, and the new sprinkler heads work much better.  However, I’ve discovered, thanks to being alerted by the water meter reading lady (who is very cute and nice), that I have a leak.  After trying a number of the tests suggested on the notice, I discovered that it is the sprinkler system that has the leak.  Hopefully it will be easy to find and I have a call in to my new sprinkler guy.  Until the leak is found, I’ll shut the system off during the day, turning it on just before I go to bed (since it runs from 4:30AM to 6:45AM) and then shutting it off as soon as it’s done.  That at least will mean that the leak won’t be leaking most of the time.  It’s the best I can do.  Hopefully we’ll locate the leak soon.  This summer seems to have been one thing after the other, and I’m definitely getting tired.  But the vet visit went well and Poosa’s belly got shaved so she’s all set for her follow-up ultrasound next Tuesday.

the week ends
with a vet visit
the cats hide
while the dogs beg
everyone healthy