Monday July 28, 2014

I really can’t believe that July is nearly over.  This summer has been a strange one, mostly defined by the bitter end of a friendship and business relationship in the late spring.  But things change and I need to adapt.  I began my day working on revising my current novel and I’m pleased with my progress.  At this rate, I should have it ready to submit to my editors at CreateSpace by the week’s end.  I did some chores and then went to my annual eye exam.  I was pleased that there was no change in my right eye and only a small change in my left.  After my appointment I came home and worked on my puzzle.  As the temperatures outside and in rose, I went to turn on my air-conditioner only to find that once again the thermostat wasn’t working.  I called my furnace people and they were kind enough to send someone out right away.  Turns out that my thermostat has been discontinued because of faulty touch screens, and that’s why mine has been intermittently working/not working.  Thankfully I’ll be getting a new thermostat tomorrow.  And now I’m waiting for my friend Anja who is stopping by with some fabric for me.

still reeling
from the pain
it was never going to end well
a pair of pileated woodpeckers
in the sprinklers