Tuesday July 29, 2014

I talked with the guy who is working on my computer and we decided on using an external drive to get the data from the old computer to me.  Then he will look in earnest at repair attempts.  He thinks it is the screen, which may not be cost effective to repair.  I sure am glad I love my new laptop!  Then my heating/cooling guy came out and replaced my broken thermostat with a new one, and so at least that glitch has been taken care of.  My sprinkler guy couldn’t stay today, but he did verify that the leak is in the sprinkler system, north side of the yard.  Hopefully he’ll be back  tomorrow to fix it and add the last sprinkler head to my system.  I finished reading the rough draft of my latest novel and I do like it.  Tomorrow I’ll start entering my corrections from the hard copy into the Word document and then it should be ready for my editor.  I also cut out a dragon to add to my quilt.  Tutored my Latin student today and I’m now definitely ready to call it quits.


finished reading
the rough draft
of my novel
sharing Latin stories
with a student