July 30, 2014

Well, no progress today on the sprinklers, but I’m hoping that the last of the additional heads gets put in tomorrow and maybe the leak found.  We did figure out that the leak is a very slow one, and since it is in the front yard somewhere, it is at least benefiting the plants.  I spent most of the morning entering all my changes/corrections into my manuscript and then by afternoon I’d sent my latest novel off to my publisher for their comprehensive editing and publishing.  That feels really nice.  I celebrated by putting a dragon on my appliqué lap quilt, which is coming along nicely.  Then I worked on my puzzle and I only have 47 pieces left to put in (out of a 1500 piece puzzle!).  I shall finish it tomorrow, after I take Poosa to the vet for a follow-up ultrasound.

my novel
heads to the publisher
adding a dragon
to my quilt top
as celebration