Thursday July 31, 2014

Poosa and I started the day with a trip to the vet’s for her ultrasound.  She still has moderate IBS but now also has pancreatitis so she is on a second antibiotic and a pain med as well as her first antibiotic.  Dr. Nell will consult with a canine internal medicine vet hopefully tomorrow.  We were back home before 8AM and started our day then.  My sprinkler guy finished up today, which was lovely.  So that is all taken care of.  I worked on my quilt top and added a sun/moon combo and a snail.  I think the top may be finished, but I’ll wait to look at it tomorrow before I decide for sure.  And I finished my unicorn puzzle, my first 1500 piece puzzle (but definitely not my last!).

a sun/moon and snail
to my quilt top
completing my first
1500 piece puzzle