Tuesday August 5, 2014

I did a little planning for my bed quilt, just to be sure that the enlargements I had made yesterday would work.  And then I switched over to concentrating on the quilt I’m making for my sister.  She sent me more information about her likes and so forth and I went back to the quilt shop.  I now think I have the perfect fabric, just what she will love, I hope.  I’m going to make it out of three different kinds of squares: a solid 9″, a 9 patch made from 9 3″ squares, and a rail, with three strips that are 3″x9″.  And then it will have a six inch border all around it.  I will start cutting fabric tomorrow.  I also tutored my summer student today and we discussed some ancient history, translated a story from Latin, and then planned to begin reading the Iliad next week.  He just heard from his professor at Evergreen, and the students are required to read it at least once, preferably twice, before classes start on September 30th!

another trip
to the quilt store
for the perfect fabric
preparing to read
the Iliad with a student