Sunday August 10, 2014

I began adding to the canvas I sewed for my next quilt, a large bed quilt that is 102″ x 102″.  Today I cut fabric for the sunrise/sunset, the river across the meadow, and the mountains, and I sewed the sunrise/sunset and river onto the quilt.  I am so grateful for basting glue!!  I’m now shaping the mountains and I hope to sew them onto the top tomorrow.  Those are the three largest pieces, but I also have a large tree to sketch and then some smaller trees to add.  And then there will be lots of animals!  Once I’d done all the quilting I could for today, I then read most of the review novel I’m currently reading.  I didn’t quite get it finished, but I’m sure I will tomorrow.  It is a hot day, mid-80’s, but there is a lovely breeze so I haven’t turned on the air-conditioning.  It’s only a matter of time, though as tomorrow is to be in the mid 90’s and that is way hotter than I like.

the new quilt top
with a sunrise/sunset
and a river
reading a novel
a hot summer day