Tuesday August 12, 2014

My hot tub was serviced this morning and I had to replace the salt cell, which was definitely not a cheap item.  This summer has been a hard one on the budget, that’s for sure.  I read more ancient history to be ready for my tutoring session.  We’ve reached Pax Romana and now just have the decline in five chapters to go.  We are also begining The Iliad, reading a book a day!  My student is determined to be ready to start his freshman year at Evergreen in late September.  I saw the review of my latest novel and overall, it was a positive review, so I’m grateful for that.  I also received the suggested cover choices for my next novel and I think I know which one I want, but I’m going to sit with them for a few days to be sure.  Thankfully, our weather has turned much cooler.  It has been cloudy most of the day, something I really, really like.

a book review
overall positive
trying to choose
the cover for
my next novel