Wednesday August 13, 2014

Our morning routine was changed because of Poosa’s appointment for a fasting blood draw.  Everyone was upset with me for not getting breakfast going, but if one of us can’t eat, we all wait.  Once Poosa and I were back home, I fed everyone and then had my own morning routine of sauna, hot tub, shower, and breakfast.  I then worked on my quilt top, positioning my largest tree.  I got it half sewn on before I had to leave to get my new left lens put into my glasses (and I can’t believe what a difference it makes!) before teaching my bridge class.  I also exchanged a couple e-mails with my son, Eric, who had kindly sent me some really cute photos of Josie.  He gave me some advice about backing up my laptop as I don’t want to go through another computer failure again (although my data is supposed to be safe–I just don’t have it yet).  I ran a couple errands after class and then finished sewing the tree onto my quilt.  I worked on my puzzle for a bit, and then switched to reading, finishing one review novel and starting another.  I’ll write the review tomorrow as I’m too tired today.  I turned my sprinklers off as we got a ton of rain last night.  I heard it pouring down and thought briefly about going out to the garage to shut off the sprinklers, but I didn’t want to get totally soaked so today the sprinklers ran in the rain.  But after 1.20″ of rain, I can leave them turned off for awhile.  I’m really liking the cooler weather, although it won’t last.  Mid-80’s are to return by Sunday, but then it is August.

adding a tree
to the quilt top
turning the sprinklers off
well over an inch
of rain last night