Friday August 15, 2014

Not much to report for today.  I had an appointment in the morning and then a massage in the afternoon.  I started a new puzzle, a cool map, that has 2000 pieces and it is large.  I found out it is based on a series of fantasy books by Walter Moers, a series set in the make-believe location of Zamonia.  I’m going to have to find the books now!

a new puzzle
the cat watches
with interest
2000 pieces is a lot

2 thoughts on “Friday August 15, 2014

  1. You’ve got me started on puzzles now. The first one was small, the second was 1500 pieces. Yard sale finds for .50 each. I picked up a floral octagon one today, not sure of the piece count, at the charity shop for $1. But I haven’t started that one yet. I may save it for when my hubby travels again. While he is home I would rather spend time with him 😉

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