Sunday August 17, 2014

I worked on the top for my new bed quilt today, adding a large conifer and figuring out where I want to place all the other birds and animals I plan to add.  Then I read more of the introduction to The Iliad.  I still have 20 pages to go and then of course, the poem itself.  I had a lovely visit with a friend who stopped by to chat.  And finally, I read a review novel and wrote the review.  Calling it quits especially since tomorrow will be a busy day.

adding a tree
planning for more animals
on my new quilt
a visit from a friend
brightens the day

One thought on “Sunday August 17, 2014

  1. My new routine starts today – up with my hubby’s alarm as the school year has begun. Even though this week is only teacher in-service for DIL – writing will be early, during naps and after kidlets go home. It will long but hopefully enjoyable daze!
    Cheers and continued success with your lovely quilt.

    Oh – I think I’m stocked up on puzzles for a bit. At a yard sale on Saturday I picked up about 10 to a dozen for about $5 for all.
    Some are movie posters like the one for Dr. Zhivago, some scenic and others but I am guessing I’ll only have evenings and weekends to play with them now 😉

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