Wednesday August 20, 2014

I worked this morning at picking the fabric for the appliqué animals on my quilt top.  I decided to get them all cut out, and so this was the first step.  I only got through a few, but tomorrow, I have nothing on, so hopefully I’ll get them all figured out.  Then I taught my bridge class after which I worked on my puzzle.  Two students have signed up for tutoring times, and it is hard to realize that in less than two weeks, they’ll be back in school.  I am glad they are thinking and planning ahead.  It has been a delightfully cool day, for which I am very grateful.

working on
my quilt top
picking fabric
for each animal
a cool cloudy day

5 thoughts on “Wednesday August 20, 2014

  1. I know, but at least I’m not going to bed when the sun is still up and my cats are letting me stay in bed until after 7AM, so I’m thinking it’s not all bad. But I bet with your new routine, you are or soon will be getting up in the dark. Ugh!

  2. Better though that my son got a full time job. When he was out of work I still watched the kiddies, but he was kind enough to scheduled his part time jobs so that most days he was here around 10am.

    Sometimes Pop-pop might pick up the little ones as it is easier if Mommy has to stay late at work – they are more on her way home. If not they stay with me until Mommy or Daddy can get them. I only have both though on Tues and Thurs. Little Miss though is M – F.

  3. Better than part-time jobs for me that weren’t letting me be at home. At least when they are quiet or napping I can check on my friends or write 😉

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