Thursday August 21, 2014

I worked most of the day picking out fabric for the rest of my appliqués for my new bed quilt, and I even ironed fusible interfacing on nearly half of them.  I’ll finish them up and start cutting them out this weekend.  I also worked on my puzzle for a bit and then got caught up reading a mystery thriller.  I didn’t even realize that one of my students, one who just graduated, had stopped by to leave me some apple juice and a card.  I feel badly about missing him, but he didn’t knock and I couldn’t see him from where I sat.  I just figured the dogs were doing their barking at nothing routine.  That’s one reason why I wish folks would let me know when they decide to drop by.  It was actually around 6:30PM and normally I’m in the sauna by then which would have been really embarrassing for both of us.  I hope he’ll have time to stop by again before he heads to college, and I’ve asked him to let me know in advance.

picking fabric
getting it ready
not realizing
that a student
stopped by

10 thoughts on “Thursday August 21, 2014

  1. I’ve been trying to get my ‘kids’ to call first for years. We had one stop by the other day and dropped off some stuff that I had mistakenly tried to pass off to him (we had gone out to dinner)… and he didn’t even leave a note. Or take any of his other stuff.
    But there are always tell tale signs…. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I know a lot of people who like to just drop by. I agree with you and Daphne – it’s so much nicer to call ahead first.

  3. I know some people like the dropping by, but I really don’t. But there it is. And I had an e-mail from my student that he will try to see me before he heads to college.

  4. I think so too, Lydia. Even a quick text or call as they are on the way. Seems only courteous to me, but I know some people think it is so much friendlier just to show up.

  5. You know I think that’s what front porches where for… if you were out on yours – drop by’s were welcome. But if the door was closed… then call!

  6. Maybe you could have some kind of sign like they have in small stores for your door – open and closed.
    Only maybe a Welcome sign that actually says Welcome on one side, but if you flip it over it says ‘Please do not disturb. Or Love to see you but I could be in the middle of creating something special, teaching or just plain napping – Call before you ring the bell.

    I actually have a very small sign right by my door bell that says Solicitations and Surveys not welcome.
    I also have an on/off switch for my door bell. And my family members know that if they don’t hear the door bell they need to knock. And if that front screen door is locked they had better call because they aren’t getting in.

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