Tuesday August 26, 2014

I loved being able to watch US Open tennis!  I’ve watched between students, appointments, and now once my day has finished.  I had a new student today.  Don’t know if she will become a regular, but I’m tutoring her today and tomorrow so she can take a math placement test on Thursday.  Then I went to an appointment after lunch.  I had my Latin student and then I took my laptop in to the guy who is working on my computer and he was able to transfer all my documents onto my laptop.  That makes me feel much better.  I still don’t have my music and photos, but I can wait on them.  David is hoping that tomorrow he’ll get those things put onto the time capsule I bought at Eric’s suggestion but then couldn’t get to work.  David assures me that he will be able to get it to work for me.  Things are looking up.  I’ve been cutting out my appliqués while I’m watching tennis, and I have maybe half of them done.

US Open tennis
cutting out
fabric animals
appliqué quilting