Friday August 29, 2014

I woke up this morning to find out that once again someone had tried to pull down my rainbow pride flag.  This time they cracked the flag bracket.  I am very grateful to my dear friend, Anja, who came out late this afternoon and replaced the bracket with a metal one, moving it about two feet higher.  She put an extension ladder in the back of her pick-up truck.  There is now no way I will ever be able to reach it, but that is a good thing.  And we think it is too high for any but an NBA star to reach, or so we hope.  I am very grateful to Anja, who is determined that my rainbow flag will keep flying!  I went to two appointments and then set up my puzzle so I can work on it and watch the US Open (tennis), and that is exactly what I am planning to do this entire weekend.  I’m a bit apprehensive about how fast my schedule will change beginning on Tuesday, so I’m going to be very quiet and good to myself this weekend.

vandals break
the flag holder
a friend helps
the rainbow flag
flies higher still

2 thoughts on “Friday August 29, 2014

  1. Not sure if it will help, but get non-functioning camera… perhaps from the net, one that looks like the eyes in the sky at grocery stores… doesn’t have to be big. If someone thinks they are being recorded – perhaps they won’t try? Of course the other option is to actually get some kind of severance. I remember once seeing a sign… that if you didn’t read it carefully ‘You would think you were being watched. But really it was false. Though it did make you think twice. Something about ‘Warning this car (put whatever you want there) is being watched (or protected in some way). I’ve also heard of people who have had lawn ornaments stolen who put a clear powder on their objects which turns purple under UV light.

  2. Thanks, Jules, and I’ve tried the camera stuff. This seems to be someone who has a problem with gays. But the bottom of the flag is now over 10′ off the ground, so hopefully that will end the vandalism. 🙂

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