Tuesday September 2, 2014

I’ve had a really busy day, beginning with an appointment, then tutoring my Latin student, and finally the first day of Student Link orientation.  I had lots of new students to meet and the school year is now underway.  I don’t yet know how many students will elect to work with me, and I’m trying to hold firm to my schedule of Tu/Wed/Thurs with my tutoring being done nearly exclusively at my home.  I had a student try to talk me into a Monday, but I figured out a way to tutor her on Wednesday afternoons instead.

first day of school
attending orientation
meeting new students
translating a story
with my Latin student

2 thoughts on “Tuesday September 2, 2014

  1. Hold firm. You have to be able to make some choices. While it might not be everyday… at least it isn’t everyday that my little ones arrives at 6:45am (mostly 7:30 am). I don’t mind helping out. But when I was working 12 hour days and their folks only doing 8 each… I had to say something. I can deal with an occasional exception – but I’m only getting paid in hugs and kisses.

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