Friday September 5, 2014

I had a phone conference this morning and then I worked on my puzzle.  I talked with the mother of one of the new students from Student Link and set up a schedule for her daughter to do Algebra II with me.  My schedule is fast filling up, and now that I know I’ll be working from home, I’m really excited about the new school year.  It’s looking as if I’ll be working nearly twice as many hours (maybe 13-14hrs/week), but since I can do it all from home, I’m fine with that.  Then David, my computer guy, came over with my Time Capsule, which he was able to configure without any problems (I’d been totally unable to make it work), and I now have that for backups.  He took the portable hard drive I was using (I’ll never be without a backup ever again!!), and he’ll put all my music, photos, and data on that.  He’s also done all the troubleshooting on my old computer and he found that there was a corrupt hard drive, which he was able to fix, and then a bad video card, which requires an Apple repair.  He’ll call on Monday to get an estimate and if it is worth it, he’ll take the computer off island to the Apple store and then retrieve it when it’s repaired!  I paid him today for his work so far and I was pleasantly shocked to find out how little I owed.  His rates are more than reasonable and he’s a computer tech.  That just re-affirmed how outrageous the rates were that I was asked to pay for pond maintenance, but in the end those outrageous rates were a blessing as I am much happier now with the new beds and not having to worry about ponds.  Anyway, it’s been a good day and I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend.  I plan to write a book review for the mystery I just finished, cut fabric for the twin size quilts for my great-nieces, and of course, work on my puzzle.

figuring out
my new schedule
finding a slot
for another student
a friend’s visit