Monday September 8, 2014

Today is the last day before my school year starts in earnest.  I’ve been freaking out a bit about the new schedule and the hours, but then, during the night last night, I realized that the new schedule is really only 1-2 hours more than the old.  It is just more concentrated.  I won’t be working Fridays and I won’t be tutoring until 6PM.  Since my students are primarily Student Link students, they can come during the day.  So I’ll be tutoring from 10-5 Tu-Th and then I’m off!  It all starts tomorrow so we’ll see how it goes.  I worked on my quilts today and it took me awhile to sort all the strips so that I can make 9-patch squares and 3-rail squares.  Once I had everything organized, I started piecing the strips together.  After that I had a phone conference and then worked my puzzle while watching the men’s final of the US Open tennis tournament.  Our weather has turned delightfully cool, with even a bit of a drizzle.  It’s supposed to get hot again by the weekend, but I’ve enjoyed today.

sorting fabric strips
beginning to piece squares
for my next two quilts
working my puzzle
during a telephone conference

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  1. I’ve only been quilting since 4/2009, but it is really fun. I machine quilt as I don’t have the patience for hand quilting (or the ability to do nice stitches!).

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