Friday September 19, 2014

I went to my therapy appointment today and then came home and pinned two quilts. I found my edited novel and letter on CreateSpace and I was pleased with the very positive comments. I do have to learn not to put two spaces between sentences. Just one of many things which have changed over the years. I hope to start going through the edited manuscript tomorrow. I also worked on my puzzle which is coming along nicely.

pinning two quilts
my edited manuscript
returns to me
with positive comments
my turn now

9 thoughts on “Friday September 19, 2014

  1. My hubby made a comment the other day about putting two spaces between sentences…Because I hadn’t.
    That is what we all learned, wasn’t it?
    But since being on the net I notice the space dwindled to one and I wonder just when that change occurred.
    Does it really save that much on paper space or was it a grammar change?

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