Monday September 22, 2014

I have had a varied and very pleasant day. First off, I finished trimming the cypress trees right outside my kitchen window.  I’d been told that pruning was tricky, but they’d gotten so tall I really had no choice.  Turns out I was able to lop them in ways that don’t show at all and I’d never have realized they had been trimmed if I hadn’t hauled away the debris.  But now I can see out my window which is a real plus.  I left several branches around a lovely bird’s nest so that it is still secure although not currently in use. Then I had a meeting after which a friend and I watched another episode of Outlander.  We’re both really enjoying it.  When she left, I quilted the first of the bunk bed quilts I’m currently working on.  I’d thought I’d do both of them today, but my schedule shifted and it was a good thing. They are large enough that it is physically taxing to quilt them, and I’m definitely better off doing just one a day. I also rearranged my living room, folding up my loom as I haven’t worked on it for nearly two years and I have so much on my plate that I won’t be doing anything with it until next year at the earliest.  I was able to wheel it out to the closet in the garage where it will be safe and easily accessible should I change my mind.  After all that, I worked on my jigsaw puzzle which is coming along nicely.

a new bunk bed quilt
after a friend’s visit
the living room