Tuesday September 23, 2014

Happy Autumnal Equinox!  It has been a lovely rainy day here.  I quilted the second quilt this morning and then squared both of them.  Now I only need to cut binding and bind them.  I also had four students to tutor today and in between two of them a friend came over to watch another episode of Outlander.  The vet’s office called to remind me about Poosa’s ultrasound appointment at 7AM tomorrow, an appointment I didn’t even realize we had!  Dr. Nell and I had talked about it but I hadn’t realized a decision had been made.  So it will be a “dog day” tomorrow as I have the lady from Companion Animal Solutions coming at noon to work with Oliver.  One student just cancelled as she is sick, but I have two others scheduled, one of whom has a two hour slot.  So it will be another very busy day.  I’m trying for an early night.

two quilts
nearly complete
they only lack binding
a rainy day
autumnal equinox

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