Wednesday September 24, 2014

I think autumn is really here. I got up in the dark this morning at 6:30.  The pouring rain probably made it seem darker, but I was really careful heading out to the shower.  By 7AM Poosa and I were at Fair Isle Animal Clinic for her ultrasound.  That went fairly well.  Her pancreas is fine now and so are her lymph nodes so that is great.  She still has moderate IBS, but if she manages to avoid any major flare-ups, she won’t need another ultrasound for six months!  We were back home at 8AM at which time I fed everyone and had my sauna/hot-tub time. Then I wrote a book review as I waited for the lady from Companion Animal Solutions.  She is very nice and extremely knowledgeable and she worked with me and my dogs for 2 1/2 hours.  I learned a lot, and she really feels that she can help Oliver to be less anxious.  She also said that if he’d ever wanted to bite either of the other dogs, he would have.  His few aggressive ‘attacks’ were a lot of noise, and terrifying to me, but in reality, not that serious.  But we do want him to feel more confident and comfortable. I’m learning massage techniques for him that will release more serotonin so that his fight/flight instincts aren’t as dominant. Oliver and I are going to do some follow-up appointments with her. I had just one student to tutor today after two cancellations.  One student was sick and another had a sick child.  That allowed me some ‘down time’ and I used it to work on my puzzle.

an ultrasound
for one dog
anxiety consultation
for another
the third dog sleeps

4 thoughts on “Wednesday September 24, 2014

  1. It sounds like she will be a lot of help for Oliver.

    If you’re comfortable sharing it, I’d be curious to hear about some of the things she suggests to you. I think that animal psychologists are fascinating. (Is that the right term for her occupation? It sounds like that’s what she does).

  2. Thanks, Lydia, and yes I think she will be a lot of help. Oliver is now wearing a ThunderShirt which wraps around his body and is designed to help with anxiety. And instead of gently reprimanding him for his growling, I’m now giving him treats, peanut butter in a squeeze tube. He growls when Chauncey walks near him and the idea is that he will now think that Chauncey coming near is a good thing. And I’m learning a kind of massage which is supposed to release serotonin and calm anxiety although that will take a long time. I’ll keep you posted on anything else we do as well as the results. It is fascinating! And the most important thing is Oliver will feel better!

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